Sep 28, 2010

Make over!

My design blog, Ruby Blog Designs, I thought had kind of a simple title. So, I come up with title, I name blog, I give blog a makeover! It is now named Winter Wonderland Designs. Quoi? Mainly because, well, I love winter in Northern Ontario! So, the button is on the sidebar! What are you waiting for!? Head on over and check out my new design!


Sep 17, 2010

Fish Flakes!

Fish Flakes, has reached 100 followers and is having a GIVE AWAY! 
 You could win.......
First place: A background and header from RobinBlogs done by Olive Tree!
Second place: A background and header done by HayHay!!
Third place: Five clay figures made by HayHay!
Everyone:  A cute button.

So go to to enter!


Sep 16, 2010


This, is my cat. Sylvestor. He is five years old and 18 pounds. 

In the car, on the way to Sudbury. He hates car-trips, poor kitty..

Get that mouse! Get that mouse!

Yep. That's my cat........The Opera Singer......

Sep 15, 2010

Ferret Furries Review

Okay so start off, I'm gonna say Ferret Furries is a pretty cool blog. It is a blog about Willowfeather,  and her ten pets, but mostly Willowfeather. She posts preeetty frequently, and most of her posts are really interesting with pictures neat text! One thing that catches my eye every time I come there, is the neat chunk of forty-two awesome buttons at the bottom. There are some cool gadgets I've never seen before, and a nice layout and text.  All in all, I'd give this blog a 8.7 rating out of 10.  Click HERE to go to Ferret Furries, (and Other Thingies).

L♥ve ya',

Sep 14, 2010

Announcemet Post

Greeting Followers! And a happy Autumn to you! This is more of an announcement post than anything, so here's what's new;

Two new polls!
A new look! (including a new background, header, post divider, buttons, colours, and a scrolling marquee gadget!)
A new feature, Blog Reviews!
An Announcement Box, so I won't have to make announcement posts any more! (=


Sep 12, 2010

Hello Autumn, nice to see you again.

Fall is finally here! It is raking-leaves-time and wearing-sweaters-time and putting-away-the-trampoline-time and drinking-hot chocolate-and-apple cider-time and of course, .........back-to-school-time. 
ANYWAYS: how do you like my new fall look? I think it's adorable. You should too, because it's adorable xD

I hope you enjoy your autumn as much as I know I will.