Mar 24, 2011


Hair. Is. So. Important to your whole visual appearance.
(the pictures below are not mine.)

Take Jaeden Smith for example;
This is him in The Karate Kid. D'awww.

This is him somewhere else... D'ehhhhhhhhh....

And Steve Valentine;

'Looks so good in the Disney XD show, 'I'm in the Band'

And here? Bleh. Can you even believe this is the same guy?

Beautiful Selena Gomez......

....Just does not look good as a blonde.

And Richard Armitage?...
..... Well, he looks good in any hair :)

I hope you've enjoyed this random post about hair, (which turned out to be an excuse to have pictures of Richard Armitage on here...),

Shadow...... Out!

Mar 15, 2011

A purpose

I was sitting at the computer and reading a Robin Blogs Tutorial when I came across;

"1. Find a Skill and Stick With It.
Are you a good artist? Photographer? Designer? Writer? Fashionista? Make that the basic theme of your blog. For instance, my main blog HorseFeathers features my photography in 99% of the posts."

I need more theme and a less random aura on Elvenpath.
I need a purpose for blogging.

I found a purpose some purposes for blogging...

Music, and

I have always been an artsy, and those three topics I think will help make this blog more themed!
So if you'll excuse me, I'm going off to re-design my blog to a more artsy theme.
Au revoir!

Mar 8, 2011

New, New, New

Look around, friends!
New look, new name, new layout...

All made by {moi}.

This is my first blog-makeover I've ever done on this blog! And I quite like it :)

But why 'Elvenpath'?;
Because, dear readers, as you might know, I am obsessed with all things LoTR and Fantasy, and Elvenpath happens to be one of my favorite Nightwish songs.
The way to the lands
Where as a hero I stand
The path where Beauty met the Beast
It's the honesty of these worlds
Ruled by magic and mighty swords
That makes my soul long for the past

Mar 3, 2011

An awesome giveaway.....!

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