Mar 24, 2011


Hair. Is. So. Important to your whole visual appearance.
(the pictures below are not mine.)

Take Jaeden Smith for example;
This is him in The Karate Kid. D'awww.

This is him somewhere else... D'ehhhhhhhhh....

And Steve Valentine;

'Looks so good in the Disney XD show, 'I'm in the Band'

And here? Bleh. Can you even believe this is the same guy?

Beautiful Selena Gomez......

....Just does not look good as a blonde.

And Richard Armitage?...
..... Well, he looks good in any hair :)

I hope you've enjoyed this random post about hair, (which turned out to be an excuse to have pictures of Richard Armitage on here...),

Shadow...... Out!


  1. GNAHAhahah! Hypocrite! You are just as obsessed as I am! xD

  2. Hahaha, why thank you! HEY! What happened to my lovely Richard Armitage picture? It went all weird.. *sulks*

  3. Did you watch the Robin Hood TV show with Richard Armitage? This may be a stupid question...I was so phsyched when I learned who was playing Thorin, I was like "Dude, that's GUY OF GISBOURNE!!!"