Jan 31, 2012


Suddenly// Swooping low// On an ocean deep//Arousing of a mighty monster from its sleep//We're walking in the air//We're floating in the midnight sky//And everyone who sees us greets us as we fly
Nightwish - Walking in the Air

Drawing, I can scarce call it art.
 naiad (c) ShadowFlower

Boxing every Saturday.
via Google Images

BBC Robin Hood over and over again...
via Google..


These lovelies

Watching Mulan

And of course.... Helping my Dad put a toilet in! Whoo-hoo!

So I hope you're enjoying this lovely Tuesday.
I had a day off school today. Bet you didn't.
Have a nice evening.
But it might be another time of day where you live..
Post again soon!
Actually I'll probably not post til next week.
Bye ♥
And here's another random subtext.

Jan 23, 2012

Elvenpath Elven Path elvenpath ELVENPATH elvenpath. elven path

Greetings and salutations to all my little Elves  Elvenwalkers EP's Elfstompers
..Hey guys.
ShadowFlower here, (well obviously) and from the somewhat random rabble of different Elvenpath spellings you may or may not have guessed I'm thinking about Elvenpath.
And how to spell it.
I've never actually had a correct, formal spelling for EP. I always kind of express it in the way that comes to mind first. I actually considered naming it Walking on the Elvenpath.
So if you wonderful... people would like to participate in a vote, Shadow would be very appreciative.
You can just comment below this post.
Here we go. the future of Elvenpath lies in your hands... (sort of):
a) Elvenpath
b) Elven Path
c) elvenpath
d) elvenpath.
e) elven path
g) ElvenPath
h) Walking on the Elvenpath
i) walking on the elvenpath
j) Walking on The Elvenpath
k) Elven.Path
Thanks you. And now the second part of this rather short and boring post;
The Excuses:
Sorry for not posting in such a long time! I've really had no inspiration for posts lately, so all I've been doing on the Internet is obsessing over BBC's Merlin and finding out that if I type dun dun dun duh into a search engine I'll find Beethoven's 5th symphony.

Anyway, I'm aware this is an almost completely useless post, but I thought you'd like an update and, as I said before, my mind is blank of inspiration.
I SHALL make a proper post this week, maybe with a tag or something.
Maybe. If I have time... or if I feel like it.

I really need be lest honest in these posts.

Thanks for reading my horribly boring post. (see?)
Over & Out
See you soon
May the force be with you.
God bless


Jan 11, 2012

Wear-nice-clothes-all-day-because-there's-church-tonight-anyway-day also known as Wednesday!

Happy New Year everyone!

What I'm wearing tonight (read post title):

this hat via Bethany (Christmas)

this skirt & belt & top via Ricki's

this (these) boot(s) via Payless Shoes

this scarf via my sister in law (she made it(Christmas))

this hair via Bethany :)

these muffs.

♥ ya