Oct 31, 2010


My, my. Is it Halloween?

Yess. I was a medieval countess {or something like that}. 
So, here's a spooky post divider to kick off the celebrations. You can take it, but give me the due credit!

{made from Summer Drigg's a Boo-ti-ful Night kit}



Oct 30, 2010

A Tag from Izori

A tag! And is isn't even Tag Tuesday! :) This one is from Izori of authorintrainingizori.blogspot.com
You can only answer with the first letter of your last name!

one-- A state province ;)? Ontario!!!
two-- A country? Oman - The only country that DOES start with O!

three-- A food? Oreos!

four-- A clothing store? Uh...

five-- A fruit? Easy! Oranges!

six-- A girls' name? Olivia? Olga?

seven-- A boys' name? Oliver 

eight-- An activity? Um, Opening letters?!

nine-- A dessert? Orangesquares?

ten-- A town? Orillia

I tag: My followers, because you are wonderful.


Oct 22, 2010

Halloween Contest!

Greetings Earthlings! Today will be be contesting for the celebration of All Hallows Eve! The contest starts at, well, today and ends November first! There will be one winner judging to my pitiful number of followers, but everyone will get a small gift too!

1st Prize: A whole Halloween makeover on your blog designed by yours truly!

What everone gets: A cute Halloween post divider!

So, simply caption this picture;

Oct 14, 2010

For my friend Goldenstream

Here's a gift for you Golden! I hope you like and use it!
It's a profile picture! Like it? I hope so! :)


Oct 10, 2010

another tag. because they're awesome.

Tag from one of my best BloggerBFFs, ♠Speed♠.

1) What is your favortite book series?
The Inheritance Cycle.

2) What is your favorite online networking site?
Heh heh... BLOGGER.

3) What are/is your favorite animal(s)?
TIGERS are rather awesome. And I love cats. 

4) What's your favorite eye color? Describe in detail!
Green. Forest green.

5) And your favorite hair color?
White-blonde or light brown.

6) Where do you *really really really* want to travel to?
FINLAND!!!!!!!!!!!! Or just Europe? Um, how about Britain? Or Scotland.
Hang all that, I'm traveling to Middle Earth.

7) Favorite food?
I know this is cliche, but Pizza. I love pizza. There is also a soup from the Olive Garden I love.

8) Tell your readers about your first day of high school (or if you're not in high school yet, then tell them about your first day of elementary or middle)
I am homeschooled and know nothing of this.

9) Your top three favorite songs are:
1.  Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
2.  Hooked on a Feeling by David Hasselhoff.
3.  Wild Child by Enya

10) Sadly, you have come to the end of this tag. Is it the sort of tag that you'd like to share with your Blogger friends?
Yes, it was lovely.

11) You tag....
Anyone who wants it.


Oct 8, 2010


Greetings Earthlings! [This will become my usual greeting?]  How is it rolling? I suppose you're wondering in your little minds as to what the title could be revealing, so let's delve right in.

Well, first thing you need to know, is that Shadowflower didn't know one thing about Pokémon, Pokéfarms, or Eeveé's. I still don't know what Eeveé's are! But, all of my blogger friends were constanty talking of them, and telling everyone to,

'CLICK MY EGGS!!!!!!!!'

Yess.  There was also the Eeveé Clans roleplaying blog that I wanted to join, but I didn't know anything about. So anyway I thought I was missing something, and decided to get a Pokéfarm. Hey! It's fun! I like it! My user name is Shadowflower so you can find me easily, and my farm is called, 'the Funny Farm'. :) I tried it, and it's really fun! So, here's a final send-off:

'CLICK MY EGGS!!!!!!!!'


Oct 4, 2010

My Cottage

Now, I know it's past cottage season, but I just wanted to show you around my beautiful cottage up north there. =) Enjoy!

The 'Big Cabin'... (the main building)

The 'Little Cabin'...(the Girls Cabin)

The Sauna...

Our Pretty Rose-Garden...

Every cottage needs an outhouse!

And last but not least, beautiful Raven Lake!