Dec 31, 2012

the road goes ever on

and the two-thousand twelve draws to a close.
I feel so full of profoundness and feelings, and I know trying to convey them in words is futile.
Because I am incapable of writing profoundness. Completely.
I am simply too awkward and cynical for that muchness.
But I hope you are happy this coming year. My only resolution is to be happy.
[change the things I can, accept the things I can't. as Tessa puts it]

Happy 2013.

Dec 17, 2012

this is a story of how I died.

this is my ghost speaking.
i'm afraid i have passed away.
on the fourteenth of december, at six thirty ante meridian in the eastern standard timezone while glued to the screen of a small-city theater with this lovely lady,
my heart stopped.
the awesomeness was too much for me.
awesomeness of what, you may ask?
well. there was quite a lot of this:
and this:
and this:
 and most definitely no small amount of this:
May I rest in peace.

Dec 5, 2012

post of the dead

Am I dead? 
I must be. There is so much muchness going on that I feel inanimate to the world.
(yes, I used a big word. have I impressed you?)
My life has been all Christmas shopping and choir rehearsal and re-writing my horrendous posts I wrote years ago and boxing like a maniac and singing lessons with Allison and surprise Birthday parties for myself and frantically trying to finish the school semester and bedroom renovation and making fudge and stalking
Benedict Cumberbatch on Pinterest and watching Say Yes To The Dress on YouTube.

I'm also counting down to The Hobbit. Which I am going to in theaters. On opening day. In costume. With {THIS LADAY}.

So I am obviously far too busy to crank out a few paragraphs of worthwhile reading material for you.
Here is a unicorn. My Birthday is on December 8th. Enjoy your day.

Nov 1, 2012

all hallow's eve

a lovely snapshot of mars from the view of a meteor.

I was a viking - in case you couldn't tell. 
I went trick-or-treating by myself.. In the rain...
I hope your Halloween was as lovely as mine :)

Oct 28, 2012

pippin's song

Oct 18, 2012

a post of random amusement - part ii

In which I don't have anything dramatic, insightful, or profound to offer so I post silly pictures instead.
Which you all seem to love.

Quite a lazy post I know, but I'm sure you're not disappointed. Everyone likes to see kittens and LoTR together. If you've noticed how my posts are becoming a lot less wordy, have no fear. I have a few just more meaningful thoughts for you on the way.

Oct 11, 2012

there was snow in the realm of the shadowflower

"Oooh! Let's go out for a nature walk to the park with my dog with only a sweater and take a few nice pictures, it's only snowing a little bit."

It started snowing harder, and harder, and harder, and then MUCH HARDER.
I arrived home with my hair completely soaked, my hands numb and my eyelashes dripping.
It was glorious.
With a little hot chocolate, I survived. I'm a Finnish Canadian after all. 
I hope you've survived yet another post about the weather.
I'll be back for halloween!

Sep 30, 2012

a completely non-fantasy related post

I have something to show you. Something that is, oddly enough, absolutely NOT related to The Lord of The Rings, Merlin, Sherlock, or anything as such. You may be disturbed but I think it's utterly hilarious.
I really do hope that you do too ;)
You probably won't, but you really need to see it anyway.

*300,000,000 hits. O.o

Hm. So. Now you have seen what you will never see the likes of on my blog again.
I really do hope you don't take this post as a sample of what Elvenpath is about, 
because it really, really isn't :D
Alright, my preciouses, I leave you now to ponder what you have just seen.

Sep 20, 2012

Autumn Alphabet

Tomorrow, it will officially be Fall.
Here in the magical realm of Northern Ontario, Autumn happens very suddenly.
Last week, Fall came. Just like that. The wind, the chilly weather, the digging out of boots and tuques from the storage room, the fingerless gloves, the hot teaaaa... 
Fall is a most wonderful time of year, so here are a few of my favorite things about this particular Fall.
Alphabetically arranged, of course!

I am thoroughly excited for autumn. And for Christmas, and for my birthday, and for snow, and for skiing, and for ice-skating, and for THE HOBBIT!!
That is all for today. SOOO, about you, my loverly followers. What are your favorite things about this upcoming autumn? What are you looking forward to?
( ^ feeble attempt at trying to make my posts more interactive)

Good Day. We will see you next month!

Sep 17, 2012

rainy day

Aug 25, 2012

the bored girl's daybook

Where is she? || She is in Toronto
What is she doing? || Typing at her sister's laptop

What is she listening to? || The hum of some machine the does something in this basement
What has she been up to? || Making muffins. The frosting malfunctioned, however
What is she thinking about? || Richard Armitage. What else? Especially in relation to The Hobbit
What is she procrastinating? || The slide show for her sister's wedding
Last thing she said? || She really can't remember, for she has been alone all day and doesn't talk to herself
Last productive thing she did? || Finish her Space & Earth Science lesson
Her excuse for not posting? || She doesn't really have an excuse except that her life has been so incredibly un-dramatic that she hasn't had anything to write about
Last movie she's watched? || Beastly (it was okay)
Latest discoveries? || BBC's Sherlock. A delight!
Some random thoughts? || She wants a hammock, is thinking about her deceased pet water balloon (affectionately known as Putsy), is constantly confused by hipsters,  is contemplating Warrior Cat Clans, and wonders if she should break the silence.
There we have it. A little update on my fascinating life. I've hoped you enjoyed your Saturday as much as I have! (no really, my afternoon has been fine.)
Please, please, please stop by Youtopia Blog Designs for a visit. It would make me very happy, you know. So far trying to re-boot my blog design business has been rather pathetic, to say the least.
Friends, I will see you next month.

Aug 16, 2012

there and back again // a guest post by abbie

i really hope you guys like lord of the rings. because you're about to be bombarded by LOTR epicness.

to tell the truth, i haven't been a lord of the rings fan for very long. when my parents and older brother watched it in january, my original plan was to go upstairs and watch bug's life alone. but i saw the first minutes of LOTR and knew that i couldn't leave. since then i have been completely hooked on it.

at the beginning of the summer, i bought the LOTR soundtrack. (like, all of it.) and it is honestly some of my favorite music ever. it makes me cry, laugh, smile, and hurt. it's the perfect music for when i'm tired at night, or early in the morning, or when i'm working on something. it gives me messages of hope, victory, pain that will eventually pass. i think that Tolkien wrote one of the greatest fantasy stories ever. lord of the rings has changed my life in a big way. and if any of you feel the same way - well, that's pretty awesome.

and yes, i have read the books. twice.

(thankyou, shadowflower, for asking me to guest post! guys, i've actually met her more than once. we were in the same cabin at camp this year, and she's seriously, really awesome.)

i'm abbie. i'm an artist - photography, music, film, painting,
and just plain creating. i love switchfoot, pixar, and lord of the rings.
most of all, i love jesus.
i write at awakened.

Jul 5, 2012


Read the title. Go on - read it.
This is the trend of today that drives me completely insane.
(vintage coca cola bottles and every teenage girl wanting to be a photographer also irritate me)

Just.... Why?
WHY mustaches? Why not propeller caps? Why not hockey tape? Why not toupees or beans or unicorns?

But, of course, not REAL mustaches. For mustaches to be hip, they have to be drawn on your finger, or on a stick, or decorating a handbag. REAL mustaches are disgusting and distasteful.

                                                                       Hipsters confuse me. 
I expect mustaches will not be the thing in three years.
And they will be abandoned like Girbaud and manpris
and neon windbreakers.
(see, you don't even remember Girbaud.)

By the way, asides from my random rant, I've been away at my cottage for a week. And that means no internet connection. And that means that's my excuse for not posting. But NOW, I'm BACK! Woot! And I hope to be posting a lot more over the summer unless I'm away.
  {My sister is also getting married. 
And I'm one of the Bridesmaids. 
So that's really cool.}
I realize I haven't changed the design around in a while as well.
Which means Elvenpath will be getting a facelift for the summer! Yay!
I'm rather sick of the usual grey, blue and purple designs that I have usually, so perhaps you lovely people can pick out a colour for me. Colour with the most votes wins!

a - Green
b - Pink
c - Yellow
d - Gold

And I know that this is a rather odd post, but that can't really be helped, can it?

Jun 5, 2012

The Frodo Necklace

Something lovely arrived in the mail today.
As most of you do not know, I won a giveaway hosted by this lovely lady on this lovely lady's blog.

So now I have this in my life.
yes yes. horrible picture. my camera is protesting me over-working it so I'm using my iPod.

Here's a better photo;
from Earendil Collectibles shop and with copyrights to Shiloh Lenz
It's wonderful. A new staple in my daily ensemble.
My friends accuse me of trying to convert them to Tolkienism...
Wait 'till they get a load of me shoving Frodo in their faces and excitedly
explaining won a Lord of The Rings giveaway.

Well, that all I have for you today folks, come back next time when ShadowFlower will feed you even more pointless information!


May 9, 2012


I am a wizard in the art. Studying, noveling, cleaning, blogging, working out, writing emails - ANYTHING that needs to be done at a specificish time; I will delay.

Here are some wonderful tricks & tips for all you apprentice procrastinators:

ten | work on something else. like emptying the dishwasher or organizing your bookshelf. this would not be my most recommended method to use, as you actually get some profit from it.

nine | making yourself coffee, hot chocolate or tea as slow as you can.

eight | going on YouTube and watch Britain's Got Talent auditions.

seven | going on Blogger and writing posts about procrastination instead of starting your school.

six | tell yourself you will do it tomorrow. for instance, I've been doing that with this post for over a week.

five | if you're noveling, doodle or draw random pictures of gorillas on your binder or notebook.

four | when the emails you need to reply to are piling up, waste time by labeling, organizing, and marking your emails until your mum calls you for supper.

three | hide in the bathroom and read a book. 

two | refuse to do whatever you are doing and try to do handstands against your door instead. 
works like a charm.

one | zone out and dream of Legolas. or Aragorn. Or Boromir. Faramir or Eomer will work too. 

Anyway, please take this advice to heart, and I'm sure you'll all grow up to be absolutely useless and un-devoted wastes of space. Good luck. 


Procrastinators unite!  ..... Tomorrow!

Apr 27, 2012

stupid fat hobbit! - a post of random amusements

I do realize how immature all of this is, please forgive me.

I hope you've all watched Thor..