Nov 1, 2012

all hallow's eve

a lovely snapshot of mars from the view of a meteor.

I was a viking - in case you couldn't tell. 
I went trick-or-treating by myself.. In the rain...
I hope your Halloween was as lovely as mine :)


  1. Cool! I was Sif, from Thor-kind of. I wore the Sif costume, but then I also had these tall black boots, a dark cloak and a I actually felt more like a Dragon Rider or something.
    It was a lot of fun... :)

  2. I didn't go trick-or-treating. I stayed home and read Ranger's Apprentice. I didn't suffer too much ;D

    Love your Astrid costume! And your Gwaine gif...


  3. You looked like an awesome Astrid! Hope you got lots of goodies. Love you! LT ♥♥♥