Jul 19, 2011

Dear Followers;

Surprisingly, I am actually ALIVE.
Surprisingly, I actually HAVEN'T been abducted by Martians.
I truly have tried to post for you, but absolutely NOTHING came to me... 'Pologies.
{I HAVE made a new design though. Do you like it? I am quite proud of it.}

I have been busy. I've been away quite alot to my cottage, and on roadtrips.
I have been WRITING quite alot, writing stories.
The story I am most involved in at the present is a story me and Cassandra made up on a roadtrip to Windsor, (Quite a long trip, by the way from where we live.) The Saga of Bob and Felicia.
Perhaps you'll read it some day on one of our blogs, but {very} most likely you will NOT.
I am also working on some posts about another story I'm writing alone, posts about the charactors and the like..

Thanks for reading my little update, you will (hopefully) soon have a real post from me to enjoy!


The main purpose of this post was to assure you of my living being, and so you wouldn't forget about my blog. I am most definitely not going to write every post in this extremely boring, (but ever so much fun to write) dull format.

Jul 6, 2011


I would just like to say Happy Belated Canada Day.
And that I would like to wish a Happy belated 4th of July to you United-Statesians.

And that I'll be posting a little less over this summer.
And that I'll be posting over the summer less 'cause I'll be away on vonderful vacations.

And that I might post soon with a suprise.
And that I'm sorry for not posting in a while.

And that I'm going to my family reunion this weekend with Dewshine/ Cousin Cassandra.
And that for the reason above I won't be on this weekend.

And that I love you guys. Really. Thanks for following.