May 9, 2012


I am a wizard in the art. Studying, noveling, cleaning, blogging, working out, writing emails - ANYTHING that needs to be done at a specificish time; I will delay.

Here are some wonderful tricks & tips for all you apprentice procrastinators:

ten | work on something else. like emptying the dishwasher or organizing your bookshelf. this would not be my most recommended method to use, as you actually get some profit from it.

nine | making yourself coffee, hot chocolate or tea as slow as you can.

eight | going on YouTube and watch Britain's Got Talent auditions.

seven | going on Blogger and writing posts about procrastination instead of starting your school.

six | tell yourself you will do it tomorrow. for instance, I've been doing that with this post for over a week.

five | if you're noveling, doodle or draw random pictures of gorillas on your binder or notebook.

four | when the emails you need to reply to are piling up, waste time by labeling, organizing, and marking your emails until your mum calls you for supper.

three | hide in the bathroom and read a book. 

two | refuse to do whatever you are doing and try to do handstands against your door instead. 
works like a charm.

one | zone out and dream of Legolas. or Aragorn. Or Boromir. Faramir or Eomer will work too. 

Anyway, please take this advice to heart, and I'm sure you'll all grow up to be absolutely useless and un-devoted wastes of space. Good luck. 


Procrastinators unite!  ..... Tomorrow!