Mar 13, 2012


Oh joy!
So today I'm going to talk about stuff. 
Since the stuff of my life over the past month is a rather round subject, we'll look at it in a sophisticated form, [if anything can BE sophisticated on this blog], and display it in this nice little organized,
multi-coloured list.

I. I just came back from a skiing trip//
II. Before that I just came back from Orlando, Florida//
III. In Orlando me + mum + dad vacationed at
[*crosses off item on bucket list*]//
IV. I'm re-reading The Hobbit, in case you wanted to know..//
V. Expect a post about my fantasy novel//
VI. I FINALLY had the pleasure of watching the BBC period drama, North & South.[A.K.A, The Movie That Has Richard Armitage]//
VII. I'm Spider-Man![*cough* I've been getting into the online personality quizzes again..]

So terribly sorry for not posting in so long, as you know I've been busy traveling, skiing, watching North & South, being Spider-Man, and basically; doing so much nothing after all that I haven't had much to post about. So thanks for reading, please leave a comment for I shall bestow upon you virtual knighthood if thou doest *ahem*..  And, well, good evening.