Mar 13, 2012


Oh joy!
So today I'm going to talk about stuff. 
Since the stuff of my life over the past month is a rather round subject, we'll look at it in a sophisticated form, [if anything can BE sophisticated on this blog], and display it in this nice little organized,
multi-coloured list.

I. I just came back from a skiing trip//
II. Before that I just came back from Orlando, Florida//
III. In Orlando me + mum + dad vacationed at
[*crosses off item on bucket list*]//
IV. I'm re-reading The Hobbit, in case you wanted to know..//
V. Expect a post about my fantasy novel//
VI. I FINALLY had the pleasure of watching the BBC period drama, North & South.[A.K.A, The Movie That Has Richard Armitage]//
VII. I'm Spider-Man![*cough* I've been getting into the online personality quizzes again..]

So terribly sorry for not posting in so long, as you know I've been busy traveling, skiing, watching North & South, being Spider-Man, and basically; doing so much nothing after all that I haven't had much to post about. So thanks for reading, please leave a comment for I shall bestow upon you virtual knighthood if thou doest *ahem*..  And, well, good evening.


  1. Hey Shadowflower, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you about sponsoring. Thanks so much for your offer, but since the stuff on design blog is all, I don't think that would work for a giveaway... But thanks anyway!

    ~Nessima of Arda Nessimava