Oct 28, 2012

pippin's song

Oct 18, 2012

a post of random amusement - part ii

In which I don't have anything dramatic, insightful, or profound to offer so I post silly pictures instead.
Which you all seem to love.

Quite a lazy post I know, but I'm sure you're not disappointed. Everyone likes to see kittens and LoTR together. If you've noticed how my posts are becoming a lot less wordy, have no fear. I have a few just more meaningful thoughts for you on the way.

Oct 11, 2012

there was snow in the realm of the shadowflower

"Oooh! Let's go out for a nature walk to the park with my dog with only a sweater and take a few nice pictures, it's only snowing a little bit."

It started snowing harder, and harder, and harder, and then MUCH HARDER.
I arrived home with my hair completely soaked, my hands numb and my eyelashes dripping.
It was glorious.
With a little hot chocolate, I survived. I'm a Finnish Canadian after all. 
I hope you've survived yet another post about the weather.
I'll be back for halloween!