Oct 18, 2012

a post of random amusement - part ii

In which I don't have anything dramatic, insightful, or profound to offer so I post silly pictures instead.
Which you all seem to love.

Quite a lazy post I know, but I'm sure you're not disappointed. Everyone likes to see kittens and LoTR together. If you've noticed how my posts are becoming a lot less wordy, have no fear. I have a few just more meaningful thoughts for you on the way.


  1. LOL-ing at that last one. XD XD XD

  2. lol I love funny pictures!
    Great post :)

  3. The cat one about Gandalf: amazing.

  4. Ok, replying to you here as well, about the Everard book:

    You can get it from Amazon, and maybe the online Barnes and Noble. It's newly out, like, I was one of the first readers newly out, so Mrs. Havig might not have gotten it the B&N quite yet. It's not even in print form yet, as her publisher is still working on that. I dunno why Kindle version is faster, but I guess it figures. O.o
    So, anyway, its 5.99 on Amazon (Or, 0.00 if you are a prime whatyamaycall it, which I'm not. Boo) to answer your question.