Jul 5, 2012


Read the title. Go on - read it.
This is the trend of today that drives me completely insane.
(vintage coca cola bottles and every teenage girl wanting to be a photographer also irritate me)

Just.... Why?
WHY mustaches? Why not propeller caps? Why not hockey tape? Why not toupees or beans or unicorns?

But, of course, not REAL mustaches. For mustaches to be hip, they have to be drawn on your finger, or on a stick, or decorating a handbag. REAL mustaches are disgusting and distasteful.

                                                                       Hipsters confuse me. 
I expect mustaches will not be the thing in three years.
And they will be abandoned like Girbaud and manpris
and neon windbreakers.
(see, you don't even remember Girbaud.)

By the way, asides from my random rant, I've been away at my cottage for a week. And that means no internet connection. And that means that's my excuse for not posting. But NOW, I'm BACK! Woot! And I hope to be posting a lot more over the summer unless I'm away.
  {My sister is also getting married. 
And I'm one of the Bridesmaids. 
So that's really cool.}
I realize I haven't changed the design around in a while as well.
Which means Elvenpath will be getting a facelift for the summer! Yay!
I'm rather sick of the usual grey, blue and purple designs that I have usually, so perhaps you lovely people can pick out a colour for me. Colour with the most votes wins!

a - Green
b - Pink
c - Yellow
d - Gold

And I know that this is a rather odd post, but that can't really be helped, can it?