May 7, 2013

i think i've heard the ulumúri

Paradise, West Virginia // Five years ago

[Ulmo, the Lord of the Sea]
At times he will come unseen to the shores of Middle-Earth, or pass far inland up firths of the sea, and there make music upon his great horns, The Ulumúri, that are wrought of white shell, and those to whom that music comes to hear it ever after in their hearts, and longing for the sea never leaves them again.

 -John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
The Silmarillion

May 6, 2013

of guestlists and resurrections

Forgive me.
I have once again changed my mind.
I am in fact, going to continue writing Elvenpath AND Listless. I must say that I'm beginning to see what a terrible idea this is, however.
Writerly suicide. But I am going to attempt it anyway. Oh dear.
I think Elvenpath is going to be a considerably happier blog due to a considerably happier and more inspired author.
I'm afraid that is all I can promise for now, apart from the fact that my lovely friend Abbie from Awakened shall be publishing a guestlist on Listless this week.
*excited children cheer*

Thank-you. We're done for now.
I hope you have the loveliest of days.
Until next time.

May 2, 2013

Now, I realize that this has only been a few months, but I believe I've sort of figured out what I need to do, and how to accomplish it. I have decided to take the plunge and begin on a completely new slate. Also a new blog. Which is kind of exciting for me. 
Among all my gradual writerly discoveries, there is one thing that my lovely compatriot Abbie shared with me that I'm truly beginning to understand.
And that is that I need to write from my heart.
(I understand that sounds too incredibly profound for my cynical mind to grasp, but apparently it wasn't.)
What this has taught me is that I've been too intimidated by the thought of sounding really over-dramatic to write what was in my thoughts. And that left me with complete lack of emotion and inspiration and very empty posts, which really kind of sucks. So even though I will very most likely look back on even this post and be passionately embarrassed, I can at least have peace in that I wrote words that I wanted to write, and that mattered to me. 

But not really. In explanation; I shall be attempting a blog in lists. Photo lists, lists of books, lists in order of preference, or just lists of little life things. And so I'm not completely ditching orthodox posts, you shall still hear from me in small commentaries after my list-posts.

It's called Listless, and it is here:
It has literally just begun an hour ago, so I am afraid it's a bit depressingly empty as of now.
I would like to apologize to Hannah, who just started following me. Sorry. I'm there now. ^
And on one of the last notes, Elvenpath will most likely never show signs of life again, but I shall not be deleting it as I really don't want to lose the legacy of my Blogger beginnings, even though my old posts make me cringe in pain. I shall also continue to read and publish any comments that anyone may want to add.

I'm still alive, I'm going to write things, you can find me on Listless, I'm sorry Hannah, and I would like to express my thanks to all of you lovely friendlies who shall continue to continue with me.

Abby (yes, I have a real name now.)