the path and the elf (revised)

I'm going to do this in the least painful way possible, (for me, anyway) which mean list form.
And a menagerie of random questions I thought would be interesting.
WHERE I LIVE | Northern Ontario, Canada (*unenthusiastic eh*)
WHAT I AM | A wisher, a dreamer, a magic bean buyer, a Christian, an amateur graphic designer and an unashamed catlover.

A FEW FAVORITE BOOKS & SERIES-ES | The Inheritance Cycle, Ranger's Apprentice,
The Lord of The Rings and everything by John Tolkien, Redwall, How To Train Your Dragon, Pride & Prejudice, Inkheart, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Book Thief, Percy Jackson & The Olympians, and Heroes of Olympus.
WHAT I DO | Read, write, draw, read, stargaze, read, train to sing, train to box, sleep, eat, breathe, read.
WHAT I ASPIRE TO BE | A novelist or graphic novelist or graphic designer.

MY ANCESTRY | Mostly Finnish, but also Scottish, English, Welsh, Irish, and Swedish.

WHAT I LOVE | The Lord of The Rings, mythologically-ish stuff, chocolate, cats, astronomy, fantasy, homeschooling, dragons, the color purple, the Loch Ness Monster and all leviathans in particular, umbrellas, swords, BBC Merlin, Sherlock and Robin Hood, family, cold showers, narwhals...

FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS | The Opera Ghost from The Phantom of the Opera, Eowyn & Faramir & Gandalf from TLOTR, Murtagh from The Inhertance Cycle, Loki from the Marvel franchises, Leo Valdez & Nico di Angelo & Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson books, Mycroft Holmes from BBC Sherlock.

WHAT I DESPISE | Toads, clowns, coleslaw, Denethor, children, 
 coffee with cream as opposed to milk, 
  2001: A Space Odyssey, auto-correct on iPhones, bold arial font.

So that's a bit of much-ness about me. I wish you a good morning, or evening, or middle of the night, or tea-time, or noon, or crack-of-dawn or whatever. Goodbye.