Feb 22, 2012

Lazy Wednesdays =

Hot chocolate, World Studies tests, and watching Pirates of Penzance on YouTube.

Feb 14, 2012

14 lovely things

In no particular order, 14 lovely things for the 14th of February

lovely I | Designing the new Elvenpath layout

lovely II | This blog

lovely III | Counting down to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey  (only 303 days!!)

lovely IV | Seeing my button on other blogs

lovely V | My Dad sending me a box of chocolates

lovely VI | Roman numerals

lovely VII | Reading The Two Towers

lovely VIII | BBC's Merlin & Robin Hood

lovely IX | Diana Ross's Where Did Our Love Go

lovely X | Sketching faeries

lovely XI | A dozen red roses gracing the kitchen table

lovely XII | Enya, Xandria, and Nightwish

lovely XIII | Richard Armitage (had to stick him in somewhere!)

lovely XIV | St. Valentines Day

Feb 8, 2012

the snow saga

ALL PICTURES (c) ShadowFlower

It was a beautiful day in ShadowFlowerland, the sun was shining, the snow was glistening.
Clad with turtleneck, tights, beaded dress, her trusty leather bomber-jacket..

...And her boots that everyone thought were ugly but she thought were awesome...

..She sets out to take random pictures of trees..

... Icicles..
Sinking doghouses....

..And snowcapped saunas.
She then decides to venture down a snowy trail leading to the park.

 And after a long, twisty path..
..She arrives.

She takes a few random pictures of sky & tree..

...And turns back home.
She spots the friendly trash-cans of her home street!
ShadowFlower decides to a shortcut through the bush.

Okay.. Maybe a longcut..

..And finally sees her back-yard!
She turns back to take one more photo of the trees..

Then greeted by her loyal hound..

... She is back at her doorstep.
And then decides to take goofy myspace pictures.

so ends the epic saga.