Apr 9, 2012

I'm Alive

Just so you know.

I've been doing this:

And this:

I've been gazing in wonder at this:

Laughing at this:

And this:

Drawing this:

 Reading this:

Other than that my life has been conferences, school projects, and packing my clothes for staying with my awesome Aunt while my Mum travels to Israel.
Just so you know, that ↑ is my excuse for being dormant on all my blogs for so long.
Just a little note for everyone on my others blogs, I'm working on the next chapter of the IslandClan saga, and I'm almost done the design I'm working on at Youtopian Blogs.
Any way.
Probably more posts coming soon.
Westley never dies.
May the force be with you.
A wizard is never late.
Live long and prosper.
Fine, fine, I'm done with the cheezy-full-ness now.
K bye.


  1. You're back! Wonderful, wonderful. I was beginning to wonder when you were coming back...

    ~Nessima of arda nessimava

  2. Live Long, I nearly died in my own happiness at seeing that.