Dec 5, 2012

post of the dead

Am I dead? 
I must be. There is so much muchness going on that I feel inanimate to the world.
(yes, I used a big word. have I impressed you?)
My life has been all Christmas shopping and choir rehearsal and re-writing my horrendous posts I wrote years ago and boxing like a maniac and singing lessons with Allison and surprise Birthday parties for myself and frantically trying to finish the school semester and bedroom renovation and making fudge and stalking
Benedict Cumberbatch on Pinterest and watching Say Yes To The Dress on YouTube.

I'm also counting down to The Hobbit. Which I am going to in theaters. On opening day. In costume. With {THIS LADAY}.

So I am obviously far too busy to crank out a few paragraphs of worthwhile reading material for you.
Here is a unicorn. My Birthday is on December 8th. Enjoy your day.

1 comment:

  1. Well Happy early birthday to you!!! :D

    (I'm saying this earlier in case I forget)