Dec 31, 2012

the road goes ever on

and the two-thousand twelve draws to a close.
I feel so full of profoundness and feelings, and I know trying to convey them in words is futile.
Because I am incapable of writing profoundness. Completely.
I am simply too awkward and cynical for that muchness.
But I hope you are happy this coming year. My only resolution is to be happy.
[change the things I can, accept the things I can't. as Tessa puts it]

Happy 2013.


  1. Happy New Years, girl. Being a friend and fellow-fangirl to you has been so wonderful. Hugs and loads of blessings! xox

  2. Well, join those of us who are pretty terrible at expressing with words precisely what we mean. But take heart; even good writers are still unsatisfied with their words. I think painting is a much better way to try to express oneself, personally. :D