Jan 13, 2013

I regret to announce this is the end. I'm going now.

I will be leaving for a little while.
To re-define this.
I have been recently reflecting on this, my small area of blogosphere. 
And realizing how hollow and void of purpose it is.
There is so much I want to say. So much that needs to be said. 
And I can never find words to say them. 
I am leaving, for a while, to find words.
I'm going on an adventure.
A quest for definition.
To discover the the words that evade me.
To enlighten my perspective.
To bend words to my will, although I know I will not always be satisfied with my words.
And to create & share muchness that you will remember.

I'm going to do life for a while without writing about it here. I'm going to drink tea and listen to my Hobbit soundtrack. I'm going to draw. I'm going to devise purpose for the lovely little arda that I keep here.
And then I'm going to return and write the words that need to be released from my mind-dungeon.
For both of us.
Change will arrive, but a voluntary change.
And not necessarily a drastic change.
Or unforeseen change that assaults your hobbit hole to eat all your food and blunt all your knives.
But a re-definition, as I have already mentioned. 
It is time to leave my hobbit hole. I am embarking on a journey.
 I bid you all a very fond farewell. Goodbye.

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  1. yay yay yay!! so proud of you, girl. :) and by the way, niiiiice way to close out with that quote. gives me major feels.