Aug 16, 2012

there and back again // a guest post by abbie

i really hope you guys like lord of the rings. because you're about to be bombarded by LOTR epicness.

to tell the truth, i haven't been a lord of the rings fan for very long. when my parents and older brother watched it in january, my original plan was to go upstairs and watch bug's life alone. but i saw the first minutes of LOTR and knew that i couldn't leave. since then i have been completely hooked on it.

at the beginning of the summer, i bought the LOTR soundtrack. (like, all of it.) and it is honestly some of my favorite music ever. it makes me cry, laugh, smile, and hurt. it's the perfect music for when i'm tired at night, or early in the morning, or when i'm working on something. it gives me messages of hope, victory, pain that will eventually pass. i think that Tolkien wrote one of the greatest fantasy stories ever. lord of the rings has changed my life in a big way. and if any of you feel the same way - well, that's pretty awesome.

and yes, i have read the books. twice.

(thankyou, shadowflower, for asking me to guest post! guys, i've actually met her more than once. we were in the same cabin at camp this year, and she's seriously, really awesome.)

i'm abbie. i'm an artist - photography, music, film, painting,
and just plain creating. i love switchfoot, pixar, and lord of the rings.
most of all, i love jesus.
i write at awakened.


  1. I just saw The Fellowship and I loved it. So, I'm a new LOTR fan, too! Awesome pictures!

  2. Love the pictures! Sounds like you and the other Abby would get along extremely well. :)

  3. I've been a LOTR fan ever since I read the books at the age of about nine. Then I watched the movies when I was thirteen. I'm on my third time of watching the movies, and I've read the books about six times (I've lost count :-/). LOTR has changed my life so much, and I am a HUGE fan...and, yes, the soundtracks are AMAZING! This is such a great post!!!

  4. thanks for the feedback, friends :)