Sep 30, 2012

a completely non-fantasy related post

I have something to show you. Something that is, oddly enough, absolutely NOT related to The Lord of The Rings, Merlin, Sherlock, or anything as such. You may be disturbed but I think it's utterly hilarious.
I really do hope that you do too ;)
You probably won't, but you really need to see it anyway.

*300,000,000 hits. O.o

Hm. So. Now you have seen what you will never see the likes of on my blog again.
I really do hope you don't take this post as a sample of what Elvenpath is about, 
because it really, really isn't :D
Alright, my preciouses, I leave you now to ponder what you have just seen.


  1. I love this song, I first saw it like the day it hit Youtube's 100. And I was like, adjkfjljflajshfshfahfjak!! Yes it is utterly hilarious :D