Oct 30, 2010

A Tag from Izori

A tag! And is isn't even Tag Tuesday! :) This one is from Izori of authorintrainingizori.blogspot.com
You can only answer with the first letter of your last name!

one-- A state province ;)? Ontario!!!
two-- A country? Oman - The only country that DOES start with O!

three-- A food? Oreos!

four-- A clothing store? Uh...

five-- A fruit? Easy! Oranges!

six-- A girls' name? Olivia? Olga?

seven-- A boys' name? Oliver 

eight-- An activity? Um, Opening letters?!

nine-- A dessert? Orangesquares?

ten-- A town? Orillia

I tag: My followers, because you are wonderful.


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