Aug 16, 2010

My First Tag

Here is my first tag, via a wonderful Blogger named Speed.

1. C-box or Shoutbox?

2. Harry Potter or Twilight?
Definitely Harry Potter, although I do not entirely despise Twlight.

3. Brown hair or blonde hair?
I love blonde hair, but I am a brunette. So I shall be loyal to the color of the dead cells coming out my my head.

4. Vancouver or Newfoundland?
This is an extremely random question, but I shall choose Vancouver.

5. Pheonixs or Griffins?

6. Leviathon or Tyrannosaurus?
Leviathons. I am fascinated with them.

7. Pegasus' or Unicorns?
You truly expect me to choose?!

8. Mermaids or Fairies?
Fairies. Woodland Fairies.

9. Whales or Dolphins?
Whales. But Dolphins are adorable.

10. Tigers or Leopards?
Tigers.  Although I love all cats. Especially Panthers.

11. Freezies or Popsicles?

12. Cats or dogs?
Dogs are fine, but I prefer cats. Mostly because they are so much cleaner.

13. Smartphone or iPhone?
iPhone, I suppose.

14.  Florida or Alaska?
Alaska! I LOATHE heat. Very much so.

15. iPod or MP3?
iPod. More options.

16. Mac or PC?
PC, because Macintosh-es.. Confuse me dreadfully. 

17. Twitter or Myspace?
Twitter, Myspace is dead as a doorknob.

18. Dr. Pepper or Root Beer?
They taste the same to my un-exotic tastebuds.


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