Jun 14, 2011

Friends, Family, Bloggymen...

To save the wonderful option of editing our HTML!
Blogger wants to take it away from us, and if we don't act on it, they will.
(dey mean!!)
I, for one, would be DEVASTATED without the option of tweaking my code.
I would most likely stop blogging if I couldn't edit my HTML. 

Here a just a few things we couldn't do without this option!
  • No floating headers.
  • No special home, older posts and newer posts icons.
  • No post dividers.
  • No special text caps or lows.
  • No other pretty little HTML tweaks.
Here is a bit of what other Bloggers think of this;
Mahina of Ahola to Arizona said;
''A Blogger blogger's ability to edit custom HTML is what makes his or her blog original and *them*. By taking this ability away, Blogger is essentially taking away the blogger's creativity and originality.''

Some Petitioners said;

'' Without the edit HTML feature, my blog design business, as well as so many others, will be destroyed! ''

'' The ability to edit HTML greatly enhances the customization and overall unique experience of blogs. Removing the option to edit HTML would be a very poor move on the part of Blogger. ''

'' Every blog is different!! Why should we have to choose from an array of pre-fabed, cookie-cutter templates? I think I would die, seriously. I'd definitely move blogging sites. ''

So please, friends, family, bloggymen, SIGN THE PETITION!!