Sep 6, 2011


are so.. fun.
I really can't come up with a more imaginative word to describe them right now, so let's go with that.
In the middle of  my grammar class DVD... (oh c'mon. it was just review anyway..) I decided to clean out the little shelf above my closet and discovered a hatbox stuffed with adorable vintagey-ish hats.
Well, I guess 'discovered' isn't the best word since I knew about the hatbox, but I didn't remember what was in it because I hadn't looked since I was little and thought the hats were ugly and odd.


This one's my fave.
Perhaps the only slightly good picture of me ever taken.

Moofuzza here is modeling this one for me because it looks positively ridiculous on me.
Either that or I'm horrrrrrible with a camera. Probably a lil' of both.

This one is cute too.

This one was too large for the cow AND it looked rather laughable on me so I had to hold it.
It's cute, eh?

I have a request. Can somebody who has tried the new blogger dashboard tell me what its like?
It is better or worse..?
Can I still edit HTML?
Can I go back to this one if I don't like it?

Pleeeeaaaaaase tell me.
If you do.. you'll be my 8th best friend.
not really.
Just please do.

Thank-you for reading,



  1. I like it. Much better than the other one (but if your crazy like me and you wanna see how many pageviews your blog has this new one does that.)

    Not sure what you mean by the second question... I'm not much about doing my own blogs.. I just RP them.

    Yes if you want you can switch back to the old interface.

  2. Woah, thanks Dovewing!
    This really helps.
    I'll try it :)

  3. Gimme those hats. Please? :v

    Naw, just kiddin'. But they're nice. I mean, super-nice. o.o

  4. Hm, Moofuzza should go professional, haha... Cute, Abs.

  5. I simply ADORE the first hat Moofuzza modelled!!! It's just so cuh-yute. :)
    Love the hats and the pics! :)


  6. Megan- :-) thanks Megz.. I'll be guarding them ever so much more closely now..

    Beth- Heehee.. Yeah Moofuzza the cow would be Canada's Next Top Model for suuuuure. :)

    Amy- Thank-You Amy! We need to GoogleChat sometime soon...