Oct 27, 2011

I'm That Kind of Girl

if you're weird like me and notice odd things you may notice this post is aligned to the lest rather than to the usual EP-traditional middle. reason? i feel lefty-ish today. deal with it.

I'm that kind of girl
who is using another girl's tag instead of using her own creativity for a post.

I'm that kind of girl who delights in maddening her followers with her constant randomness; like the comment she's about to make about charging slugs and banana cream pie. Oh, by the way;
charging slugs and banana cream pie.

I'm that kind of girl who always remembers she named her mandolin Catherine Stirling, but still gets her friends mixed up.

I'm that kind of girl who loves pink, loathes purpley-pink, loves writing, loathes writing for school, loves laptops, loathes MacBooks, loves Christmas Carols, loathes modern Christmas songs, loves computer games, loathes video games, loves period dramas, loathes High School dramas, loves chocolate, loathes white chocolate, loves swimming pools, loathes hot tubs, loves Halloween, loathes Halloween decorations, loves hair things, loathes wearing them.

I'm that kind of girl who will cry when the villain dies.

Especially this one, Ungatt Trunn, Ruler of the Earth. (the kitty.)

I'm that kind of girl who will watch Historical Romance dramas but still loves Nacho Libre. Go Fig.

I'm that kind of girl who is superfreakinabsolutely aggravated at Blogger right now 'cause they won't let me have my post longer than this. Sorry. I'll try to get this straightened out, but for now..

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  1. Awesome post Abby. I laughed at your "loves/loathes" section. xoxo