Nov 19, 2011

it's odd and pointless, but fun. like me!

I just thought,
if you have time,
if you're not too busy,
if you don't mind,
if you aren't about to do something important,
you could take my quiz.
It's not long, only ten questions.
It's about how much you can guess right about me.

to make it interesting,
the winner (the one who gets the most questions correct) will recieve a custom-made, special
 desktop background.
This is kinda to re-launch my design blog,

Winter Wonderland Designs.

'cause it's not doing too well.
So, here's the quiz:

Good luck.

O, one more thing:

Bethany, you're not allowed to take the quiz.
 Sorry, but being my sister kinda has an advantage over the other contestants.

So thank you.




  1. Just took it! I think I must have been really lucky, cause I got 100%! :o

    P.S. I'm Mary Grace on the quiz :)

  2. Many congratulations :)
    The contest ends on Friday, so to be fair anyone else who scores one hundred percent will have to take a small tiebreaker.
    The quiz website emails me everyone's scores.
    It's very amusing you scored one hundred percent - because my aunt and good friend also took it and scored lower!
    Again, congratulations. Check back by Friday :-)


  3. Gahhhh! I was just about to take it! Can I take it and just not count?

  4. Dang, your colour question threw me off. Grrr.

  5. I think I most have been having a super lucky day. :D