Jan 10, 2011

Featured Blogger: Lilypetal

Cherry and Lilypetal  won a caption contest to be a featured blogger on this blog!
A whole series of posts will be about them, interviews, reviews, etc.

And now, an interview featuring Lilypetal.

How did you discover Blogger?
From my real friend, "Wildflower"

Why and when did you start blogging?
I cant remember exactly when, but it was sometime in 2009. I started to blog because my friend kept raving about it and saying how well the warrior cat blogs were.

Do you plan on blogging for a while?
I do, unless my parents kick me off (Which they probably won't) or I get into a big fight. ( it's happened before)

Why did you choose the name; 'Lilypetal'?
Truthfully, I didn't choose the name!!! This may sound ridiculous, but "Wildflower" and I used to play warriors at recess, back in fourth grade. She was the one who named me Lilypetal, and I absolutely LOVE the name.

Do you have any pets? If so, how many and what did you name them?
Well, my family has five pets total. My brother has an angel fish, and the rest of us "share" two Siamese cats, and a dog. But I got my own cat last year!!! She is a pretty grey female tabby with brown eyes, and her name is Lilypetal!

What type of literature always catches your eye at the bookstore or library?
Hmm, well I really don't care for fantasty. ( except for warriors). I really like realistic fiction though. I like the Mother-Daughter series, and Greyhound. To Kill a Mockingbird was really good to.

Do you have a favorite book? Favorite author(s)?
Well, like I said, Greyhound, To Kill a Mockingbird, Mother Daughter book club series, and more.

A favorite movie? Why?
Hmm. I really am not allowed ( I know. It's sad. ) to watch above PG rated movies, so I mostly watch little kid movies. I have seen 27 Dresses though, and I loved it!

What is your absolute favorite animal? Why?
I Love cats, because if how they look and their personality.

Is there a colour you love among all others? Why?
Purple no doubt about it. I don't know, I just love it!

A favorite music group/singer and why?
Well right now I am into Katy Perry..

What wonder of the universe has always amazed you and why?
I really don't know. I guess how the earth was formed.

Are there any careers you would be attracted to when you are older?
I would really love to be an author!

What colour, animal, and song/music piece represent you the best?
Color: purple
Animal: cat
Song: teenage dream

And of course, *Why do you blog?*
I blog because I love all my great friends ( you know who you are!) and blogging is enjoyable. But the main reason is my friends. I couldn't live without them, no matter where they are. Even if talking to them means never knowing their real name, or never hearing what their voice sounds like, the're my friends, and maybe someday I can call them on the phone, or meet them at the mall to go shopping. If it wasn't for looking forward to IM on the cbox with Speedy or Golden or Shadow or anyone else, then I would not be blogging.



  1. Woot! ;)

    -Golden who's too lazy to sign in-

  2. This is awesome! Congrats Lilypetal! :D

    I never knew this stuff about you before ^^ These facts are really interesting!