Nov 9, 2010

Seekers Book One - Review

I found a lovely new series yesterday, written by the Erin Hunter team who wrote the much-loved Warriors series. I purchased the first book to see what it was like, and now I think I'm in love! I finished it today, and I just brought it home it yesterday! It was lovely. Please do try it out for yourself.

Here is my blurb:

Three bear cubs, Kallik, a polar bear from Hudson Bay, Lusa, a black bear from the Vancouver Zoo, and Toklo, a grizzly from Calgary's forests are separated from their families and must survive on their own. Eventually, their paths unite and they must make an incredible journey towards the place where ice never melts and bears dance in brightly coloured lights. Guided by the Pole Star and a shape shifting grizzly named Ujurak they begin they're journey. 

I give it eight stars out of ten.

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