Dec 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me,
I live in the sea,
I eat all the little fishies,
And the big ones eat me.

(I'm sorry, I just had to.)

It was my birthday today.
My wonderful family took me out for a splendid breakfast,
and there is a party to be held later today.
The cake, I must admit, I am looking forward to very much. And presents. Everyone loves presents.

Well, that was a snapshot of my day. Remember to enter the contest to win being featured on my blog :)



  1. OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I read this post before I went to school and forgot to comment! I hope you had SO much fun!!!! *Ginormous birthday hug*

  2. Omigosh, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SHADOW!!!!!! How could I`ve not seen this post on your birthday???? (smacks self on head) Anyway, hope it was the best! :)


  3. Haha Golden!! ;)
    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes :)