Dec 4, 2010

it is time for a contest

I'm going to feature a new blogger every two weeks; review their main blog, and interview them in a post. Caption these pictures of my kitty, Sylvestor, to win being featured as the first. Thank yew and good day :)

1st picture...

2nd picture....


  1. 1st Picture: ARGH! What can a cat DO locked up in this den! Well...besides complain about how B-O-R-E-D I am of course!

    2nd picture: What are you looking at...and seriously, stop pointing that metal time capturing thing at me!

    (I am feeling creativity lacking today lol)

  2. 1st: Yeah, um, I`m kinda having muscle disorders today so moving is SO not an option...

    2nd: Sylvestor the Great will now jump off of his perch. Ready?

    Yeah, I`m suffering from lack of creativity too hahaha.


  3. 1. do i have to wake up now? ill wake up in maybe 2...3... *snore*
    2. yes, i am a human NOW GIMME FOOD!


    1. *he's daydreaming* Ah, nice mouse, and a nice mate. What else could be so perfect?

    2. Hey what are you looking at buddy-boy? EVIL STARE!!!!!!! *stares evily*

  5. Hi there, Shadowflower! I found your blog via Olive Tree's blog. I LOVE your blog design, and I love getting to know other fellow daughter's of the king too! =)

    Photo #1- "Princess Mia's cat, Fat Louie, had it SO MUCH EASIER than I do. All he had to do was fly around in a personal jet, with the Princess, while sitting on his fluffy velvet pillow all day, and I...I have to sit here in this peasantry!

    Photo #2- "Really you want another snapshot of me? Do I look like my life's ambition is to inevitably take a stroll down the cat-walk as your feline model.....fuuuurrrr real!?"

  6. Thanks for following and entering :) Yeah, I'm very pleased with this design, Olive Tree did it again eh?
    I'm not the best blogger, but I aim to get better.
    Thanks again for stopping by. :)

    God Bless,