Dec 1, 2010

Sylvester and Tweety

I have concluded my cat isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.....

As we are eating supper we hear a rather melodious thunk.
Sylvestor, my immensely intelligent cat, hitting the glass patio door as he charges a chickadee,
And, the chickdee, flying into the glass patio door.
The cat recovers quickly and intently watches the bird lie in the snow, but soon the chickadee flies away and the cat resumes his normal bird watching.

And this is the end of Stories about Sylvestor.

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  1. my dog once ate an entire think of J-ello

  2. Okay,

    My dog Daisy recently was playing outside in the snow with me, right? Well, she was running away from me, and I guess the snow made her vision a bit blurry, so she ran into our backyard fence! :3 (Its kinda funny from my view of the story, and sad to Daisy's)

    Also, (sorry I have two)

    This happened in the summer...

    Daisy, me, and my sisters were playing in our backyard. Like, well we make Daisy chase us around our inground backyard pool. The pool cover was on the pool, okay? As I was running on the other side, Daisy looked at me. We faced eachother, me on one side, Daisy on the other. Daisy then sprinted on the pool cover, and got to me before I could escape! :3

    Now Daisy will always run on the pool cover, even in winter! :)

    BTW- here's a pic of Daisy, and this looks exactly like her!
    Also, BTW her dog breed is a Welsh Terrier, so if you/anyone wants to see more pics of the type of dog Daisy is, google, "Welsh Terrier pictures"

    Thanks! :)